What Makes a Person Successful?

Before reading the rest of this article, think of a person that you would consider to be successful.

Now, look away from this article and then write down your answer.

Who came to mind for you?

For many people, the person they thought of were either rich, famous or both. But does this really make someone successful?

 I don’t think so. 

Maybe you don’t either.

This being said, let’s take a moment to look at what can make a person a real success.

What is Success?

While fame and fortune can be a sign of success, a person can have them and still be unsuccessful. I’m sure you can think of some examples.

One the other hand, a person who is not wealthy, powerful, or famous can still be considered successful.

For example, someone may build a successful business that has turned into a solid career. She has enough income to provide for her family, send their kids to college, and save for retirement.

This seems like a successful person to me.

A person doesn’t need to have the most prestigious job or reach a very high income to achieve success.  If he likes his job and is well-respected by his co-workers, he doesn’t have to be in the top 10% of wage earners to be successful.

So, what makes a person a success?

Consider these traits when measuring success:

1.  Successful people know how to forgive.

People who struggle to succeed have a hard time forgiving other people. On the other hand, a successful person forgives without reservation, knowing that it isn’t something they “should” do. They realize that if someone offends them, the best thing to do is forgive them and move on.

They understand that holding on to a grudge or allowing the offense to affect their day-to-day happiness negatively just weighs them down. Instead, successful people choose to forgive the offender and move forward with their lives.

This trait makes them successful because their ability to forgive others relieves them of carrying around negative emotions that can get in the way of success. This allows them to respond to life’s events in a way that helps them focus on the goals that they want to achieve.

2.  They know when to keep going on or end a project.

A truly successful person knows when to keep working on a project and when it’s time to end it and try something new.

Often, people will continue on a project or in a relationship because they have “put so much time and effort into it.”

Economists call these efforts “sunk costs” which are defined as “any cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered”.  You cannot get these costs back.

Successful people understand that they do not have to continue doing anything because of sunk costs. Instead, they are willing to let the project or relationship go, knowing that the prospective or future costs may be substantial, and these costs can only be avoided by taking action that corrects their course.

Successful people also understand that when they’re working on something, the only way to complete it successfully is to stay focused on what they want to accomplish. Staying focused on what they want to do helps to keep them from becoming frustrated or burned out.

They also realize that when they no longer enjoy what they’re doing, they need to move on to something new.

3.  Successful people aren’t afraid to fail.

Successful people know that failure is not final. They understand that failing is merely feedback that lets them know that they’re not doing something right.

This feedback helps them to learn and grow as they use their mistakes to help them figure out what they need to do to improve.

They understand that the only failure is giving up, and as long as they are learning from their mistakes, they can continue to make progress.

Also, they are not fooled by the idea of overnight success. They know that real success takes a lot of time, hard work and patience.

4.  They create and maintain healthy habits.

Success isn’t really success if you end up sacrificing your psychical and mental health to achieve it. Successful people have healthy habits that help them maintain their overall health and vitality.

To live successfully, it’s essential to habitually eat nutritious food, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. By investing in your health, you are setting yourself up for tremendous success.

You don’t need to kill yourself in the quest to succeed.

Traits of Successful People

While having money and power can be helpful, you don’t need them to be successful. You don’t need to be famous or make a ton of money.

Real success is being able to forgive. It is knowing that you don’t have to keep doing something, just because you’ve already spent so much time doing it. It involves

adopting behaviors and building habits that are beneficial to your mental and physical health.  

While if you follow these tips you may never become one of the top 10% in wealth or power, you will become someone others sincerely like and respect. Who can ask for more?

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