Want More? Focus on Positive Outcomes!

You might be wondering, “Why is it so important to focus on positive outcomes?”

If you are thinking that, let me ask you this. Do you, at least occasionally, feel stuck in a rut, overwhelmed by all the negativity life throws your way?

If you do, I can guarantee it’s got a lot to do with what you’re paying attention to.   

Far too often, we get caught up in focusing on our shortcomings. We can only see how our lives don’t measure up. As a result, we end up feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can direct your energy towards focusing on the things you want.

Instead of continuing to pay attention to what you don’t want, you can learn to focus on positive outcomes. Using what we’re going to discuss today, you can fill your mind with optimism and hope.  

The Magic of Learning to Focus on Positive Outcomes

Learning to focus on positive outcomes is the key to success. This involves creating a vision of what you want to achieve and then pursuing it with relentless resolve.

Setting your sights on a defined objective helps you stay focused and motivated. With just this simple shift in perspective, you’ll find yourself well on your way to achieving what your heart desires.

Using Outcome-Based Thinking to Get What You Want

Focusing on the positive starts with engaging in the art of outcome-based thinking. Outcome-based thinking has you focus on your goal and then working backwards to figure out what needs to be done to make it happen.

Everything you do should be guided by this clearly defined outcome. This way, you can effectively leverage your resources and time to reach success.

Here’s how it works.

Imagine you’re like Tom Hanks in the Movie, Cast Away, stranded on a desert island (not exactly a dream vacation, I know). You’re stuck there with nothing but the determination to survive.

Rather than focusing on the perils and discomforts you wish to avoid, outcome-based thinking focuses your attention on what you want. In this example, a grand escape, reunion with loved ones, and a triumphant return to civilization.

The same goes for everything you attempt in life. By shifting your focus on positive outcomes, you’ll not only steer clear of hastily made regrettable decisions, but also channel your energies towards making your dreams a reality.

Think of it as aiming for the stars while simultaneously dodging those pesky meteor showers.

How to Focus on Positive Outcomes

To focus on the positive, you need to be aware of the questions you ask yourself. This is because the questions you ask yourself directs your focus.

For example, maybe you are asking yourself, “Why can’t I ever do anything right?”

This question will send your thoughts down a path looking for all the reasons you can’t do anything right, filling your mind with self-doubt. Of course, this will undermine your confidence.

Conversely, asking an empowering question such as, “What can I learn from this experience?” shifts your mindset towards finding a resolution to the problem.

Now your mind is filled with optimism, allowing you to recognize opportunities and uncover solutions rather than wallowing in despair.

Questions You can Use to Focus on The Positive

As you can see, the questions you ask yourself will significantly impact your ability to focus on either the positive or negative things in your life.

Again, this is because questions guide your focus. The questions you ask yourself will significantly impact your ability to focus on the positive or negative aspects of your life.

The questions you ask yourself need to focus on the positive. They must guide you down the path to what you want out of life.

So, when creating your positive outcome questions, ask yourself the following:

1. Is my goal stated in the positive?

Most people focus on what they don’t want. So, they ask themselves questions like, “How can avoid messing this up?”  

Instead, to focus on positive outcomes, ask yourself, “What do I need to do to succeed at this task?”

2. Is it something I will initiate and maintain?

In other words, are the results within my control? It’s hard to achieve the results you want if you don’t have any control over them.  

3.  What evidence will describe my outcome?

What will I see, hear, or feel when I achieve my goal? How will I know?

4. Is the context of this outcome clearly defined?

It’s important to consider how various elements can shape the outcome. Think about the specific environment, limits, and other factors at play. All of these have a role in making the best outcome possible.

  1. Have I identified the resources I need to achieve this?

Think about all the elements that can contribute to your success, such as funds, people, technology, infrastructure, knowledge, and experience. Assessing these resources will help set you up for success.

6. Have I evaluated whether it is ecologically sound?

Taking environmental concerns into account is an integral part of outcome-oriented decision-making. This especially applies to the idea of sustainability and any associated environmental consequences.

To focus on the positive, it’s also important that what you are doing is not going to hurt you, any other person, or the planet.

7. Have I identified the first step I need to take?

Now that you have defined your outcome what are you going to DO? You can focus on positive outcomes all you want but until you take action, you won’t accomplish anything.

Use these Tips to Focus on the Positive and Achieve Your Goals!

It’s never too late to set your goals and reach for the stars!

With a clear objective in mind, you’ll find yourself driven by purpose as you pursue your vision with unwavering determination.

By shifting your mindset from negative to positive thinking, you can make your dreams a reality.

Simply stay focused, get to work, and don’t give up!

When you learn to focus on positive outcomes there is no limit to what you can achieve.

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