Use Mindful Awareness to Build a Better You

You, like everyone else, just cannot see how some things you do affect you. In fact, a major obstacle to maximizing your success and happiness is this lack of self-awareness. However, using mindful awareness, you can get a more accurate view of yourself.

The Truth about Self-Awareness

Here is a fact. You know your friends’ flaws better than they do. But your faults? Not so much. In fact, you probably have a lot of blind spots about the effects your behavior has on your life. It’s human nature to not have an accurate view of yourself.

Here’s another fact. If you are like most people, you’d rather stick your head in the sand than acknowledge your shortcomings. Even more, you’d prefer to believe that you’re unlucky rather than you’re taking the wrong approach.

This presents a huge challenge, because if you can’t see yourself and your behaviors accurately, how can you grow and evolve optimally?

One more fact. If you’re brave enough to work on developing your self-awareness, your odds for leading a successful and rewarding life will increase.

This is how mindful awareness can help. By mindfully becoming more aware of who you are you’ll be able to remove some of your blind spots and see your behaviors more accurately. 

8 Mindful Awareness Techniques

The following mindful awareness techniques will help guide you to a more accurate view of how your behaviors are affecting you. .

1. Prioritize your values

Take an hour to list and prioritize your values. Are they family, money, health, or something else? Doing this exercise gives you a lot of information about yourself. Taking the time to do this exercise will be eye opening. It’s almost guaranteed you will come up with at least a few surprises.

2. Write your goals down, preferably on paper  

Defining what you would like to have, do, and experience is very revealing. Most people are too busy surviving from one day to the next to consider their goals. When you invest the time determining the type of life you want to experience, you become more self-aware.

3. Keep a journal  

There are many books written about journaling. You can find them at your local bookstore or on Amazon. Most of them have more than enough information to help you develop your own journaling process. This is a wonderful example of mindful awareness because journaling opens you up to mindfully examining youself. Best of all it is only a notebook and a pen away.

4. Talk with a close friend  

Your friends and family members know a lot more about you than you know about yourself. They have a completely different perspective and can see your flaws and strengths quite clearly. Be brave and ask them to tell you how they see you.

5. Mindful awareness starts with meditation  

Meditating is mindful awareness. This is because it helps you see and understand your thoughts in the moment. On top of being good for self-awareness, meditation is great for your physical and emotional health. Fifteen minutes a day can reveal a lot about you.

6. Use your imagination  

Imagine you are watching a video of how you interact with others. Visualize both stressful and happy experiences. What were the reactions of your coworkers, friends, family or neighbors? How did others view you? How do you come across? How do you think a stranger in the store views you? Use these insights to become more self-aware.

7. Take personality tests   

There are many personality and aptitude tests available. Many are online and many of them are free. Take a few of these tests and see what they have to say about you. If something seems way off base, before dismissing anything, really think about it. You can always ask your spouse or a close friend if they think the assessment is accurate.

8. Identify what bothers you   

Are there traits in others that bother you? What do you dislike those traits? Does this say anything about you? Ask yourself, “Do I have this trait?” While we don’t like to admit it, often we are turned off by people that exhibit characteristics we don’t like in ourselves.

You Can Increase Your Mindful Awareness

After going through this article, how do you rate your self-awareness? Do you have any idea how others view you? Can you see your flaws?

Do you know your greatest strengths?

How about the type of environment do you thrive?

What are your values?

What are your goals?

These are all questions that mindful awareness can help you uncover. Begin your journey to self-discovery today! 

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