Transform Your Life with Ho’oponopono

You might be wondering, what is the Ho’oponopono chant and why should I be interested. 

Great question. Here’s why I’m discussing it and why it might be important for you. 

I’ve been a fan of Michelle Yeoh since she was a young actress doing her own stunts with Jackie Chan back in the 1980’s. Since then, she’s starred in many movies, including the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”, her award-winning performance in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and most recently “Everything Everywhere All at Once“.

During the interview, Michelle, who seems to still be very fit at 60, showed some of her martial arts skills and talked about what she does to care for her physical health.

All of it was interesting, but nothing really new for me. Then she mentioned something that really caught my ear. She told Seth that she repeats a mantra every morning when she rises.

Then she said the mantra.

The Ho’oponopono chant

The reason this interested me was I have been practicing saying the same mantra every day for many years. It is known as “The Ho’oponopono chant.”  Over the years I have taught this simple mantra to many of my friends as well as students and clients. Many of them have told me that the practice has done wonders for their mental and emotional health.

So, today, I want to share the origins of the Ho’oponopono chant and how you can use it too.

What is this chant about?

I first learned about the Ho’oponopono chant at a retreat many years ago. It was introduced to us as a Hawaiian healing practice that involves repeating a phrase.

The phrase “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you,” is believed to help in releasing negative thoughts and memories. This fosters inner peace and balance.

This practice resonated with me as it posits that we hold negative experiences and emotions in our unconscious mind. This chant helps us take control of our thoughts and emotions.


Ho’oponopono is a traditional Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. This practice believes you can release negative emotions and energy by repeating certain phrases and performing certain rituals. This brings about healing and restores balance and harmony.

The origin of the Ho’oponopono practice is traced back to the ancient Hawaiian culture. The practice was passed down over generations and was used to resolve conflicts and restore balance and harmony within families and the larger community.

Modern adaptations

The traditional practice of Ho’oponopono was performed by a kahuna lapa’au, or Hawaiian healer or spiritual leader. The kahuna led the ceremony and guided the participants through the process of forgiveness and reconciliation.

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona reintroduced the Ho’oponopono chant in the 1970s. She revitalized the traditional Hawaiian practice and made it more widely accessible to non-Hawaiians.

She developed her own version of the practice, which she called “Self-Identity through Ho’oponopono.” Morrnah Simeona simplified the ceremony and focused on the use of the four phrases “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” as a means of self-reflection and self-improvement.

Her version of Ho’oponopono is now widely known and used around the world.

Practicing the Ho’oponopono chant

Ho’oponopono can be practiced in a variety of ways.

The most common way is through the repetition of the four Ho’oponopono chant phrases “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”

These phrases can be repeated as a mantra, silently or out loud, as a way to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You can use them also to express remorse for any harm caused and ask for forgiveness.

The practice can be done at any time and in any place, but it is recommended to be done in a quiet and peaceful environment to allow for deeper reflection.

I often incorporate the Ho’oponopono chant in my mindfulness practice as a mantra to focus my attention.

Ho’oponopono for self-reflection

You also can use Ho’oponopono as a practice of self-reflection and self-inquiry.

Ask yourself questions like:

“In what ways am I responsible for this situation?”

“What negative thoughts or emotions am I holding onto?”

“How can I improve myself in this situation?”

As you think about these questions, use the four phrases to help you release your negative emotions and energy.

Additionally, you can practice Ho’oponopono with others. As you do, the Ho’oponopono chant can be used as a tool for resolving conflicts and strengthening relationships by encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their actions, express remorse, and request forgiveness.

Unlock the Power of Forgiveness and Self-Reflection with the Ho’oponopono Chant

With its Hawaiian roots, using the Ho’oponopono chant offers a unique and powerful approach to bringing peace within yourself and others.

Whether practiced alone or as a group, using these four phrases can allow you to let go of negative emotions and energy, restore balance in your life and help you achieve a greater sense of harmony.

If you are feeling out of balance and looking for an effective way to bring yourself back into alignment, take Michelle Yeoh’s advice and give Ho’oponopono a try.

I’ sure you’ll agree it’s worth it!

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