The Optimal Mindset for Personal Growth

What is personal growth? According to an article from Thrive Global, “Personal growth is the process by which a person recognizes himself or herself and continually develops himself or herself to reach his or her full potential.”

Here’s my definition, personal growth is the actions you take to develop the habits you need to become the person you would like to become.

Maximizing your personal growth is a worthy pursuit. In fact, many people make personal development their primary purpose in life. But even if all you want to do is to smooth up your rough edges, having the right mindset as you go through your journey of self-development will make the process more enjoyable. It will also optimize your efforts and make them more fruitful.

As you’ll find in this article, your mindset can, and often will, make all the difference!

Developing the Black Belt Mindset for Personal Growth

In my book, Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset, Turing Simple Habits into Extraordinary Success, I explain that in order to become good at anything, we have to be willing to be bad at it, at least at first. This is why black belts succeed. Because they are not afraid to try and not be completely successful, at least at first. While the book goes into depth about how to develop this kind of mindset, let’s take a look at a few qualities you can use to develop and mindset that can take you towards success.

Here are 8 mindset habits you can develop to optimize your personal growth:

1.     Keep an open mind.

This is something I have had to face in myself personally, many times. Personal growth come as a result of considering new perspectives, ideas, habits, and beliefs. If you only approach the world in a particular way, you’re vastly limiting your growth. As you learn to allow yourself to be open to various possibilities you maximize your ability to grow personally.

If you already had an optimal perspective and approach to everything, you’d already have everything you want. You are probably mistaken about a lot of things. The key is to be willing to figure out what those things are.

So, ask yourself, “Am I open to the idea that I might change my objectives based on new things that I discover about the world and myself?” If you are then you are on the path to self-development.

2.     Develop an interest in learning.

What are you willing to learn about? Goal setting? Overcoming fear? Discipline? Communication skills? Reading about new ideas?

Nobody can learn in a vacuum. You need to search for ideas that can fertilize your mind. To become all that you can become, you need to be willing and open to learning new concepts and ideas.

3.     Be willing to fail.

Like you’ll find in Secrets of the Black Belt Mindset, to succeed at life you have to try new things. Trying new things requires failure. Very few people are lucky enough to succeed at something the first time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re learning to be a better public speaker, taking a welding class, or learning how to play the saxophone, you will fail at times.

Here’s the secret to black belt success. Learning from failure. When you look at failure as a learning experience, it provides you with the apply what you’ve learned during your future attempts.

4.     Be okay with trying new things.

Should you eat a vegan, vegetarian, or paleo diet? You’ll never know until you try them all and then see what works for you. You can’t be certain what you want to have, do, or be until you’ve experimented and found what works best for you.

5.     This isn’t about you, it’s about your results.

To generate genuine success, you need to remove your ego from the equation. When it comes to maximizing your personal growth, your ego is major obstacle. When you allow you ego to rule you, it makes it a more likely you’ll be certain you’re right, even when you’re dead wrong. A big ego will lead you to blame others when the fault is your own. It also makes you afraid to fail.

6.     It isn’t about perfection.

One thing that all black belts strive for, but realize they will never achieve, is perfection. This is because all black belts realize that perfection is an illusion. We can always improve.

You will never be great at something instantly. Instead, aim for daily improvement. When you can get excited about improving by 1% at something, you have firmly adopted the mindset of personal growth.

7.     Be patient with yourself.

Your personal growth is an ongoing process. After years of trial and error, and I do mean lots of error, I can assure you that becoming the best you is a lifetime project. Even figuring out your ideal sleeping schedule can take several weeks of trial and error. It takes time to get over your social anxiety or get into a healthy diet and exercise routine. To be successful, be patient, it’s the only way you’ll ever succeed.

8.     Determine to succeed.

Changing and growing isn’t for the weak at heart. It’s important to be determined and committed to changing yourself and your life. Determination is a valuable asset to have in nearly every area of your life. There are countless stories of people with minimal talent that have become incredibly successful because of their grit and determination.

Use These Tips to Develop Yourself into the Person You Want to Become

While the path to personal growth can be challenging, it can be a lot easier when you adopt a mindset that supports your desire to grow. Real growth requires developing the mindset habits you found in this article most of the time.

Too many people attempt to grind their way to progress, only to wear themselves out.

Your mindset can be your shortcut to fantastic personal growth. The optimal mindset for personal growth is one that is open, curious, determined, and patient. It is one that anyone can develop.

Use these tips to examine your mindset as you take your first steps on your personal development journey.

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