Supercharge Your Visualization Sessions with These 5 Pro Tips

Visualization has been used by athletes, CEOs, and entertainers to achieve their biggest dreams. Successful people all over the world, from World Cup winning skier Lindsey Vonn, to hall of fame golfer Tiger Woods, to movie star Jim Carrey, have acknowledged that visualization was their secret weapon for helping them reach their goals. While there are all sorts of ways to use visualization, today I want to give you 5 pro tips you can use to supercharge your visualization sessions.   

How to Supercharge Your Visualization Sessions

1.   Write It Down

One of the easiest, and most powerful methods you can use to supercharge your visualization sessions is to write your dreams down on paper. Writing solidifies your success images in your mind.  

Don’t fall into the trap of “keeping goals in your head”. This will only give you a vague image to follow. Writing down your desires turns them into a compelling mission statement. Additionally, the process of writing helps you to think deeply about what you really want.

Think about your values, your secret desires, everything that would make your life the one of your dreams and write them down.

2.   Rewrite your Inner Dialog

Everyone has an inner voice that talks to them pretty much all the time. Your internal dialog is influenced by the messages you got in your childhood and messages you receive from the outside world now. Step back for a minute and listen to what your inner voice tells you. Is it encouraging? Or do you have a negative mindset that tells you you’ll never cut it in the big world?

If you find that most of your inner messages are negative, then use visualization to add positive messages to your inner dialog, visualizations that turn your inner voice into a pep talk.

3.   Put Yourself in the Picture

To really supercharge your visualization sessions, see yourself winning that scholarship or getting that promotion. Make your own success movies, written, directed by, and starring Successful You.

The beauty of creating visualizations is being able to tailor them to your own personal values and desires and to put you front and center. This will speed your path to success.  

4.   Visualize a Timeline

When you are visualizing future success, it can be disheartening when you come back to the reality of the present. To supercharge your visualization sessions, instead of focusing on the gap between now and achieving your goals, build a pathway of short, medium, and long-term goals that show you the way. See yourself achieving your goals step-by-step. This will give you the encouragement and reinforcement to continue down the path to success.

5.   The Devil is in the Detail

To supercharge your visualization session, make sure you add in every detail. This is where the juicy reality is!

Don’t just imagine yourself getting that promotion. Imagine seeing yourself as you tell your partner and your friends that you got the job of your dreams. Hear their compliments and relish in how good it feels. Imagine every detail of your new office, your desk, your executive chair, the view from the picture windows.  Think about coming into the office, riding the elevator, walking down the corridor, and opening your office door. See your name on the door plaque. Make this image as real and detailed as you can.

Make Visualization a Part of Your Daily Life

One last thing to remember, in order for visualization to work, you need to practice using it daily. Make some time in the morning when you get up and right before you go to bed at night to imagine the life of your dreams.

Use the 5 pro tips to supercharge your visualization session to help you design and live a passion fueled life!

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