How to Live Your Best Life

When you hear “live your best life”, what does it mean to you?

Since everyone is different. It’s not reasonable to expect that everyone wants to live the same kind of life. But, to live your best life and step outside the options that society deems to be acceptable can be a little scary. We’ve been conditioned to color within the lines and our need to be accepted can be very powerful, keeping us stuck right where we are.

Have you ever thought about what your dream life would be like? If you haven’t really considered it, it might be hard to visualize what your dream life would be like. It’s hard to hit a target that you’ve never identified.

Today we’re going to talk about 6 simple steps you can use not only to identify, but to live your best life, starting today.

6 Steps to Imagine and Live Your Best Life

1.    Be true to yourself.

In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says: “This above all: to thine own self be true.” There is no better advice than this.

Here’s why.

In all of history, there has never been another person just like you. Because you are unique, you can’t live your best life if you’re pretending to be someone or something that you’re not. The first step to live your best life is to decide for yourself who you really are. As you go through this process, be honest about your likes, dislikes, and dreams.

  • Maybe you don’t really like living in a city and would rather live in the country, growing your own food. Is this something you could see yourself doing?
  • Are you someone for whom the idea of having children horrifies you? Or would you like to try for a dozen kids?
  • Maybe you don’t want to own a lot of possessions and would rather live your life frugally as a minimalist. Does this kind of life appeal to you?
  • Are you someone who loves to travel and would rather go around the world living like a nomad without a home base? Or are you a homebody?
  • Would you like to play an instrument like a guitar or an accordion? Or would you rather enjoy the quiet of living in a monastery?

Choose what appeals to you. Keep in mind that any admiration or scorn you receive from others won’t last long enough for your cup of coffee to get cold.

2.    Create a plan.

While luck can work in the short run, in the long run relying on chance or luck is a losing game. To live your best life life, it’s important to choose exactly what you want and then make a plan to get there. Develop a long-term plan that begins with something you can begin doing today.

3.    Get to work.

Here’s where you need to pay attention. There are many people who love to dream and plan. This is because it’s easy and fun. Unfortunately, most people get stuck in the planning stage and few ever take the first step to make their plan a reality. As a result, they never get started.

Instead, take some sort of action each day that will turn your plan into a reality. You don’t have to do an enormous amount of work each day to make significant progress. All you need to do is something each day. A little action each day will eventually grow into substantial results.

The hardest part of any accomplishment is getting started. So, get started as soon as possible. Realize that there will never be a perfect time to begin. Begin now and make the best of it. Everything changes once you actually begin.

4.    Learn from your feedback.

Every plan works great until you implement it, but once you do, you will run into roadblocks and other things you simply couldn’t think of. You will try things that don’t work. This is to be expected. Instead of getting stuck, decide that you’re going to learn from your mistakes, adjust your approach, and try again.

5.    Keep focused on what you want.

Pay attention on those things that are relevant regarding your plans. Don’t let your focus stray from them. Make a habit of rejecting nearly everything else.

  • Why are you gossiping about your coworkers or neighbors?
  • Why are you still upset about how your ex cheated on you 13 years ago?
  • Why are you annoyed by the price of gasoline?

Keep in mind that these sorts of things have nothing to do with achieving your goals and attaining your dream life. Keep your eye on the prize!

6.    Persist

You can’t live your best life if you give up on your quest to attain it. Make a commit to finish what you start. Keep going until you’ve arrived where you want to be.

You Can Create Your Best Life

Your best life is out there ready for you to claim it! Take a thorough examination of what you want and be completely honest with yourself. Next make a plan and take action. Finally, stick with your plan until you’ve arrived. The life you desire is attainable and within your reach.

The only thing stopping you is the having the courage to make it happen.

Why not take a chance on feeling happy and fulfilled? You can create the life of your dreams.

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