How to Grow Your Gratitude

I practice being mindful every day. The reason I practice daily is because practicing mindfulness helps me to focus on the here and now. By focusing on the here and now, it is much easier to cultivate my gratitude. I do this because I feel being grateful helps me stay connected to what’s important in my life. I’ve taught this to many of my clients and students and they’ve all told me that practicing gratefulness made a big difference in their lives too.  That’s what we’re going to focus on today, how to grow your gratitude as today.

Why You Have Difficulty Being Grateful

Have you ever tried to cultivate gratitude, focusing on al the things you “should be” grateful for? As anyone who has studied psychology will tell you, should-ing on yourself isn’t very helpful. That’s why being more grateful can be a lot more complicated than it sounds.

For one thing, your brain, like every other human’s, is wired to pay more attention to negative events. As any reporter will tell you, hurricanes and heartbreaks will create deeper impressions than rainbows and happy family dinners all day, every day.

When you get busy, it can be easy for you forget about your resolution to grow your gratitude. You can become so hurried that you don’t realize that you forgotten your commitment to being grateful until you’re brushing your teeth at night.

The good news is, with a little help, you can turn being grateful into a habit. Let’s take a look at some ideas you can use to grow your gratitude.

Why Should You Grow Your Gratitude?

Changing habits takes the right motivation. When you keep reminding yourself of the advantages of being more appreciative you will fill yourself with a powerful sense of purpose. This purpose can help you not just with becoming more grateful, but can help you grow in every other area of your life.

The benefits of growing your gratitude:

1.    Practicing being grateful boosts your mood.

You mind goes in the direction of your focus. As you grow your gratitude you will find that you are happier. This better mood helps to increase your energy levels while reducing your daily stress.

2.    Gratitude enhances your wellbeing.

Many studies have found a connection between gratitude and your physical health too. These studies show that the simple act of being grateful more of the time may strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure, and protect you from diabetes and other chronic conditions.

3.    Being grateful helps to deepen your relationships.

As you learn to grow your gratitude, you’ll find that your bonds with others also grow. By learning to be more aware of what you are grateful for, you’re more likely to feel empathetic while experiencing a greater sense of belonging.

Daily Practices for Growing Your Gratitude

Why do people exercise regularly? It’s because it’s only when you exercise consistently that your body will stay become and then STAY fit.

The same goes for growing your gratitude. You need to work out your gratitude muscles regularly to keep them fit. Gradual and consistent actions over time help you to accomplish big goals with a lot less stress.

Use these techniques to help you grow your gratitude in your everyday life:

1.    Keep a journal.

You might have already heard suggestions about starting a gratitude journal. This practice is an effective tool for staying on track and reviewing your progress. This is especially true if you update it each day and review what you write, allowing you to spot patterns while reinforcing positive choices.

2.    Write letters.

When you were a child did your parents remind you to write thank you letters? This tradition is worth passing on to your own kids. A simple way to grow your gratitude is to write a letter to let others know how they’ve made a positive difference in your life. You can tell them in person too.

3.    Minimize materialism.

While there is nothing wrong with making money, being overly concerned with possessions and physical comfort can make it a lot more difficult to feel grateful. To grow your gratitude, focus on your spiritual values and personal relationships rather than too much retail therapy. Remember, you are already enough. No material thing will make you better. Try to be content with what you have.

4.    Resist comparing yourself to others.

You can’t count your blessing if you’re busy being envious of what others have. Instead of being envious, take pleasure when fortunate events happen to others. This practice will not only grow your gratitude, but it will also make you feel happier overall. Instead of wanting what others have, examine your feelings to see if they’re pointing to changes you could use to make in your own life even better.

5.    Welcome setbacks.

Anyone who has every accomplished anything great has experienced lots of setbacks. When you learn to look at setbacks as opportunities to gain experience you will find yourself being thankful for even for things that seem like disappointments at first. Challenges teach us how to build character and resilience. Losses sometimes make room for new opportunities. They can also teach you to be more grateful for what is already going right in your life.

6.    Meditate and reflect.

If you practice a religion, what does your faith teach you about being grateful? It probably instructs you to contemplate on what you can be grateful for. You can create your own personal prayers of thanks. This will allow you to explore what gratitude feels like for you.

7.    Live mindfully.

Instead of rushing through your day, take some time to mindfully slow down and savor the small miracles around you. Notice the beauty of a tree or a flower. Feel grateful for the kindness of strangers, like when someone lets you go ahead of them on the freeway or in the shopping line when you only have one item. Another way to grow your gratitude is to imagine what life would be like without your family or a safe place to sleep. Now let yourself be grateful for where you are and the people around you.

8.    Say thanks to and acknowledge yourself.

Saying thanks to others can feel awkward when you’re starting out. Warm up by practicing on yourself. Give yourself credit for eating nutritious foods and riding your bike to work or walking at lunchtime. Acknowledge all the good things you put out into the world.

9.    Help others.

One of the best ways to put your troubles in perspective is by assisting those who are struggling. Volunteer at a local food bank or teach English to recent immigrants. Finding ways that you enjoy that can help ease the burdens of other people is one of the best ways to grow your gratitude.

Use These Tips to Start Growing Your Gratitude Today!

While it will take a while to solidify these habits, you definitely can begin to grow your gratitude today. Use these tips for increasing your gratitude levels. It will absolutely transform your life.

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You’ll be glad that you did!

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