How to Calm Self-Doubt

Have you ever felt like you aren’t moving forward because some unseen force is holding you back from getting what you really want?

Do you feel like you have some kind of limitation that keeps you stuck instead of achieving great things?

I want you to know, I have. More than once. And sometimes Its almost made me give up, just like a lots of other people.

That reminds me of a movie I saw, a true story called Eddie the Eagle that’s about Eddie Edwards.

Eddie is a tenacious man and, since he was a kid, wanted to be in the Olympics even though he had braces on his legs!

Well, Eddie wasn’t a quitter and qualified to be a part of the British Olympic ski team. But, Eddie was a little strange, what I mean is he was a little quirky, and the head Ski Team official thought he wasn’t a “proper” representative for the British Olympic Team and booted him off the team.

Disappointed, Eddie almost gave up. He felt stuck and, since he didn’t know what to do, he went to work in construction with his dad.

Then, one day while getting rid of all his Olympic reminders, he finds a Olympic Ski jump poster and decides he could go after his Olympic dream by becoming a ski jumper.

Now, there were two problems with this.

First, Britain didn’t have a ski jump team. But the second problem was even bigger, Eddie had never ski jumped before

Let me ask you, would you, like most people, figure this was just too much and give up?

Well, Eddie didn’t and left Britain to go to a training facility in Garmisch- Partenkirchen, Germany.

On his first jump from about 30 meters, Eddie lands it.

That evening he asks former Olympian and now drunken snow groomer, Bronson Peary for advice.

You know what advice was? Quit!

But Eddie didn’t go there to quit and the next day he jumps from 70 meters.

But on this jump, he isn’t so lucky and ends up in the medical clinic.

With all this, Eddie still won’t quit and somehow convinces Peary to coach him.

And guess what?

Eddie qualifies to be Britain’s one and only ski jumper.

But Peary refuses to go with him to Calgary because he won’t take the time to learn to jump from 90-meters.

Well, Eddie completes his 70-meter jump, and is in the Olympic record book, but at the last minute, he decides to jump from 90 meters.

Now he had another big problem.

He’s never jumped from 90 meters before.

Not only is this going to be an Olympic first but also a personal first.

The media at Calgary is buzzing about Eddie and his coach sees his commitment to the 90-meter jump on the T.V.

So, he decides to fly to Calgary and gives Eddie some final advice.

Now we see Eddie riding the elevator and reaching the top of the 90-meter jump.

It looks a mile high.

As he sits atop a summit that’s as tall as a football field is long, his begins to doubt himself.

He seems images of his father telling him he would never be an Olympic athlete and the Olympic official telling him he wasn’t good enough.

Those images froze Eddie in place.

Can you relate to Eddies’ story?

Now I don’t mean you were atop a 90-meter jump but maybe you were trying to do something out of your comfort zone and felt held back by some unseen force?

How would like to be able to drop that doubt and get done what needs to be done?

How would you like to be able to achieve the great things you have inside you?

Since you’re here, I hallucinating you do.

My name’s Wil Dieck. I’m an author, researcher, black belt and college professor.

Like you, I have experienced those feelings of stuck-ness many, many times before in my life.

I know how frustrating it feels to have my sights set on something only to fall short, and into the trap of self-doubt.

But, over the past 40 years or so, I’ve figured out how to drop that doubt and ignite the power I have within, so I could get done what needs to be done.

You see, about 4 decades ago, I started studying martial arts and, over time, I became a master martial arts instructor.

Not long after that I started studying human behavior.

After a while I became a college professor.

Because of my frustrations, I decided to research how black belts are able to ignite the power they have within, so they can accomplish the great physical and mental feats black belts are known for.

Over the last many years, I’ve invested thousands of hours reading hundreds of books, listening to countless lectures and going to untold numbers of training sessions just to better understand how some people are able operate at such a peak level, that they, seemingly effortlessly achieve all the great things in life they set for themselves.

Here’s what my research showed me.

There are processes, or Mindful Mind Hacks, that can provide you with the mental focus and energy you need to get done what needs to be done to achieve the great things in life you want to achieve.

That’s what this website is all about. 

Stay tuned!

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