Five Mindfulness Hacks to Bring You Into the Zone

If you’re like most people, you have a lot going on. Sometimes this can lead to feelings of overwhelm. When this happens, you can lose focus. As a result, you get behind. If this has happened to you then read on. You’re going to learn five mindfulness hacks to bring you back into the here and now so you can get more done in less time.  

What Are Mindfulness Hacks?

Mindfulness hacks are things you can do to help bring yourself back into the present. Being in the present helps you slip into the zone. In the zone you are so focused you accomplish piles of work almost without any effort at all. 

5 Mindfulness Hacks You Can Start Using Today

The following are five mindfulness hacks you begin using now to help you refocus and get more things done.

1) Listen to Music

You can improve your focus by listening to music. This doesn’t mean listening to it as background noise. It means paying deep attention to the sounds and words.

As you do this mindfulness hack, you’ll focus on one thing only, the music. This relaxes your mind while moving you into the zone.

2) Meditation

This is a mindfulness hack that will do more than improve your focus. It will also improve your mood and your health.

While some will tell you that you need to spend lots of time meditating, a better approach is to meditate for three to ten minutes at a time. This will help you achieve a sense of peace and sharpen your focus.

3) Set small, achievable and realistic goals

I’m sure you’ve heard “Set huge hard to achieve goals”. For most people this can be very frustrating.

A mindfulness hack you can use when setting goals is to set SMART goals. These are goals that simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

Too hard to manage goals adds pressure and frustrations to your day. This pressure, or stress is what causes you to lose concentration.

Instead, use the SMART goal setting process to set more manageable goals. This will help you get more done.

4) Exercise your body and mind

People often chase their monetary goals while neglecting their mental and physical health. All that wealth won’t do anyone any good in the graveyard.

When you exercise, you are calming your body and mind. It does this by relieving the pressure that builds up throughout the day.

What studies have found is when you exercise daily your stress goes down and your concentration goes up. The type of exercise isn’t as important as your consistency. You can go to the gym, swim, bike to work, practice Yoga, walk at lunch or anything else you enjoy doing. The important thing is to do it consistently. 

But don’t stop with your body. Spend time exercising your mind. Fill in crossword puzzles, read books, engage in sentence conclusion texts or any other mental exercise you enjoy. This helps stretch your mind and makes it stronger.

5)    Focus on your breath

One of the best mindfulness hacks is to focus on your breathing.  Concentrate on how the air touches your nostrils. Feel the air as it flows down your throat and expands your stomach.

Just concentrating your mind on your breath will reduce your feelings of stress. It will also help to improve your focus.

Start Using These Mindfulness Hacks Today!

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about the activities you found in this article. The only way they won’t work is if you don’t practice them.

Instead of trying to do them all, pick one that you like and do it for a week. What you’ll find is your mind and body relaxing and your productivity soaring. What can be better than this?

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