Even Black Belts Have Self-Doubt

Have you ever felt like that even though you’ve achieved some level of success, you’re not enough?

Have you ever felt like you’re not where you should be? Like, for some reason, other people are achieving greater things than you?

Does it feel like some unseen force is holding you back, leaving you feeling frustrated because you’re not getting to where you want to go?

After a while, you might even start thinking, “Maybe I’ll never reach that level. Maybe I’m right where I should be!”

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve felt this way myself.

My name’s Wil Dieck. I’m an author, researcher, black belt and college professor.

Like you, I have experienced those feelings of stuck-ness many, many times before in my life.

I know how frustrating it feels to have my sights set on something only to fall short, and into the trap of self-doubt. 

Let me tell you a story.

About 30 years or so ago I was awarded my first-degree black belt.

My exam had been physically grueling and difficult. When I finished my exam, I was exhausted and sincerely doubted that I had passed.

But a few weeks later I learned that I, along with about a half dozen other martial arts fanatics, passed my test and had earned my first-degree black belt.

Now, becoming a black belt is what almost every martial artist wants, and its why I continued training for nearly four years to have the opportunity to test for it.

But even though I had reached this level of success, I didn’t feel entirely confident in my abilities, especially when compared to the black belts who had tested with me.

Compared to other Black Belts I would tell myself my kicks weren’t that good, that my forms sucked. My punches weren’t that sharp, and my self-defense needed fixing. I doubted everything I did.

These feelings of self-doubt were so strong that, for a while, I thought about quitting martial arts altogether.  

Then, one day a black belt friend brought over a video tape (yes it was a long time ago) of a recording he made of a black belt class we had worked in out in together.

Watching the video, I was amazed at the skill level of one of the black belts in the background.

I tried to make out who he was, but I couldn’t recognize him.

Then the camera zoomed in on their face. 

To my amazement, that black belt was me! I was that black belt doing all that great stuff in the background!

That video helped me start to believe in myself. But, without that video, I probably would have never become a martial arts teacher.

That video helped guide me toward becoming a master martial arts instructor and, eventually, a researcher, writer and college professor.

Here’s a question.

If you’re stuck, like I was, in the bog of self-doubt, what are you going to do to pull yourself out?

While you could, like I did, do all the research yourself to find the tools to remove your cloud of frustration, you could also start by picking up my book, Mindful Mastery: Find Focus, Get Unstuck, and Drop Into the Peak Performance Zone on Amazon.

In this book you’ll learn:

·      The One Thing You Need to Achieve Anything

·      How to Change the Negative Stories You’ve Been Telling Yourself

·      The Way to Get Rid of All Your Problems

·      The Secret Astronauts Use to Achieve Their Goals

·      What You Need to Do to Remove All Your Fears

And you’ll also learn a whole lot more.

These tools will help you take control of your thinking and drop the self-doubt, so you can achieve the great things that you want to achieve.

And that’s what I want for you.

I want you to be able to take charge of your thinking and achieve the great things in life you want to achieve.

So, what great things do you want to achieve?

To learn more about Mindful Mastery: Find Focus, Get Unstuck, and Drop Into the Peak Performance Zone follow the link below.

Mindful Mastery

Stuck in the bog of self-doubt? Grab my book and find your way back to peak performance! Mindful Mastery will guide you through making lasting changes, overcoming negative stories, getting rid of all your problems, conquering your fears, and more. Let’s explore the secrets astronauts use to achieve their goals–together!

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