Embrace Stillness and Gain Peace of Mind

Most people’s minds are constantly spinning. This constant brain chatter makes it difficult to relax. It even makes it difficult to get things done. I say this confidently because I’ve been there. There have been many times in my life where my thoughts have spun me out of control.  But when I learned to embrace stillness, I was able to control my thoughts and my life got better.

You too can embrace stillness to gain more peace of mind. While it’s not a magic pill, it is a way for you to take back your thinking. And all it takes is a little practice.

What Makes Embracing Stillness Difficult?

What is stillness? Stillness is simply being present in a peaceful, non-stimulating environment.  But many people find it difficult to embrace stillness.


Well, there are two basic reasons:

  1. People have the belief they have no time
    2. People are distraction addicts. This addiction allows them to avoid being alone with their thoughts.

How Can Stillness Help?

Let’s take a look at four reasons to embrace stillness.

1.  You can see the world as it is.

Being disengaged from the world calms negative thoughts. This gives you a more accurate perspective. This is because stepping away takes you away from your habitual thoughts. Now you have space for increased clarity and a better ability to see the truth.

2. It adds volume to your inner voice.

The world can drown out your inner voice. You can’t hear it if you’re never still. Your inner voice might be screaming at you, but it gets lost in the chatter. Embracing stillness adds volume to your inner voice.

3. Reduces stress.

Just like taking a break during the day calms you, so does embracing stillness. Stillness allows you to shrink the effects of stress. You’ll also experience better sleep and improve your physical and mental health.

4. You’ll be more self-awareness.

Stillness opens you to self-awareness. By checking in with yourself daily, you become more aware of your thoughts, body sensations, and emotions. When you make a habit of embracing stillness, you can better clear out your disempowering thoughts. This gives you the time and perspective to become more self-aware.

4 Methods You Can Use to Embrace Stillness

The following are four simple things you can do to make stillness a regular part of your life.

1. Practice Meditation

You can embrace stillness by meditating. Meditation is a challenging skill to master. Start small. In the beginning, meditate for three, five or ten minutes. Getting up to twenty minutes of meditation a day is an awesome way to practice stillness. A simple tool you can use to aid your meditation practice is Muse, a device you can find on Amazon.

2. Turn off all your devices.

Plan time each day to disengage from your computer, smartphone, TV, or other devices. During this time, look out the window, stare at the wall, or close your eyes. Focus on what you see or simply observe your breathing.
You are trying to keep your thoughts to a minimum.

Let your senses provide you with information. What are you seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling?

3. Enjoy nature.

Getting out in nature cuts you off from other people and manmade things. Be with the trees, plants, and animals. Allow yourself to enjoy your surroundings. This will give your brain a break. Take as much time to enjoy nature as possible.

4. Practice Mindfulness

You can practice mindfulness anytime and anywhere. You can be at home or on the subway or in a business meeting. Mindfulness is keeping your thoughts and attention on what you’re doing. It is focusing your mind on what’s around you.  

Mindfulness isn’t daydreaming, thinking about the past or the future. It is keeping your attention on what you’re doing in this moment. For more information about practicing mindfulness, follow this link.

You Can Begin to Embrace Stillness Today

Practicing stillness can and will benefit your life. It will also add to the quality of your life.

When your nose is stuck to the grindstone you miss out on options and opportunities. When your mind is never still it can be hard to see what’s truly important.

This is where stillness comes in. While it requires time, it’s time well spent.

Perhaps like you, I used to think I didn’t have any time for stillness. What I found was this was the ultimate sign that I desperately needed it.

Schedule a little stillness into your life every day. Once you begin to use these four methods, you will see your life change powerfully in many ways.

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