Day 3 – Mindful Feeling

Welcome to Day 3 of the mindfulness challenge – Mindful Feeling.

Did you do the concentration exercise yesterday? I hope you did and, even more, I hope you found it helpful.

Today we’re going to be talking about mindful feeling. This is an important aspect of mindfulness.


Few people are truly aware of their bodies. Or if they are aware, they are so only in a NEGATIVE way.

They look in the mirror and hate what they see.

Body mindfulness is paying attention to your body WITHOUT passing judgment.

Mindful feeling is simply awareness of what you feel and what your body is touching. 

It is being aware of the pleasant and unpleasant sensations that you encounter at each moment. 

You are not EVALUATING these things, you are simply making note of them.

Using mindful feeling, being mindful of your body, allows you to be fully present. This helps to bring your mind and body closely together.

Mindful feeling allows you to be at PEACE with who you are, NOT who you think you should be.


Sit in a chair or lie down. Get comfortable.

Bring attention to your body. Notice the feeling of your body against the floor or the chair. Feel the weight of your legs, arms, and head.

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Be mindfully aware of your breath. Pay attention to the feeling of your stomach as it  rises and then falls.

Let your attention linger on your head and face. If you feel any areas of tension try to let them soften and slip away.

Let your jaw, neck, and throat soften and relax.

Notice your shoulders and arms. Be mindful of any tension you feel and let it ease from your body.

If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to the present, to your body, to the moment by saying “Here and now.

Bring your awareness to your hands.

Think about how your hands feel.

Are they tight?

Is there any tension present?

Use mindful feeling to relax your hands and notice them against the chair or the floor.

Feel your legs and feet. Be aware of any sensations in your legs and feet. Let any tension in them relax.


Drain of tension.

Take one more deep breath.

Now use mindful feeling to notice your entire body.

Let your breath out.

When you’re ready, you can open your eyes.

Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the powerful practice of mindful eating.

Until then, please share your experience with this body scan. with others by commenting here. 

Let them know what they can expect. 

What did you feel?

Was it difficult to relax using mindful feeling or did you just slip away?

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