Creating a Present Moment Mindset

Where do you spend most of your time? I don’t mean in what geographical location, but where in time? If you’re like most people, your life is chaotic and busy. As a result, you stay focused on the past and the future and forget to simply be in the moment. But in order to really live an authentic, full life, you need to be here and now. To do this you need to develop a present moment mindset.


Because the past is gone, and the future is only in your imagination, the only place you can do anything about your life is right now. Yet even though we all know this at an intellectual level, many of us take the present for granted and don’t appreciate the small elements of life that make it powerful and special.

Today I would like to share with you a few suggestions on how you can train yourself to stop and be in the moment. Not only will you be able to get more done, but you’ll also find more inner peace and tranquility.

5 Tips for creating a present moment mindset:

1.    Focus entirely on one action at a time.

For a few moments each day, take some time to focus on a specific moment. Stop everything you are doing and concentrate on that one thing only. This will ground you on the one task you want to work on while clearing your mind of everything but the present moment.

One example would be to make a cup of coffee and think about how it tastes as you drink it. Feel how the warm cup feels in your hands. Taste the blend of flavors. How does the liquid feel as it touches your lips?

As you concentrate fully on what you are doing, all goals, concerns, and objectives should leave your mind. By allowing your mind to focus on one action, you will be better able to appreciate and enjoy the small, seemingly insignificant actions in life. An added benefits is you will feel calmer and more at peace.

2.    Turn off your cell phone and other devices.

It can be hard to imagine a time without your cell phone. As screens have become a more integral part of your life you may find yourself, as many people constantly checking your emails or social media. As a result, you are constantly connected.

 Let yourself slip into the present moment by making a daily habit of switching off your phone and tablet. Disconnecting, even for a short time, allows you to focus on what you’re doing right now, in the present moment. Instead of being electronically connected, have a cup of coffee with a friend or talk to another human being in person. As you engage, focus on nothing but your conversation or activity.

3.    Go for a walk.

Walking is good for your health in a number of ways. It is also one of the best ways for you to achieve a present moment mindset. Walking allows you to clear your head of unnecessary mental chatter and concerns for a short time.

But in order to become present, walk mindfully. Consider where you are and enjoy the scenery and weather. Notice how the ground feels beneath your feet and how the breeze feels on your skin.

Focus on the sounds of nature and let all other distractions fade away. Doing this will make space for tranquil, calming thoughts to fill your mind as you enjoy being outside and concerning yourself only with what is around you.

4.    Consider what you are grateful for in this present moment.

Life is so busy that it can be hard to remember what you are grateful for and what you enjoy about your life. This evening, take a few minutes to think about and write down a list of things you are grateful for.

Some examples are your family, friends, your job, or your house. You could take a moment to be grateful for the meal you ate today.

Also, think about what brings you joy in the present moment. As you do this, you’ll notice a growing sense of positivity, warmth, and excitement.

5.    Get in touch with your senses.

Most people take their senses for granted. But when it comes right down to it, smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight allow us to experience the joys of life. Even though they are so powerful and important, many of us don’t take the time to appreciate them.

As you go for a walk (see #3), take in all the surroundings are giving you, the sights, the sounds, the feelings of the warmth of the sun on your face or the breeze on your neck. Take ten minutes of your day to sit still and think about what you are seeing, feeling and hearing.

Take a few minutes to clear your mind. As you do, think of nothing but how your body and senses are responding to the world around you. Doing this exercise will allow you to be fully present in this moment.

Start practicing these exercises to create a present moment mindset

There is no feeling in the world like being here and now, in this moment. By using the exercises in this article to be present, you will find yourself happier, calmer, and more grateful for the smaller parts of life.

You can use these exercises to develop the skill of being in the present moment. Make it a habit to take a moment to stop, think, and enjoy every second of your day.

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