Brain Breaks for Peak Performance

Are you one of those people who muscle through the day? While you may be simply sitting in your chair, not taking regular breaks can be hazardous to your productivity and ultimately, your health. The fact is daily brain breaks are key for maintaining your mental, emotional and physical health.

Brain breaks are key to keeping a positive attitude and outlook

Many people work completely through the day, thinking they are getting more done.  But when you don’t take regular brain breaks throughout the day, you’re not allowing your mind to recharge and, as a result, it has difficulty staying focused.

Do you ever wake up feeling sluggish? It might be because your brain is overloaded by thoughts and emotions. This could be because you aren’t giving your brain the rest it needs throughput the day.

So many people tend to push through the day just to “get through,” the work in front of them. In reality, what they’re doing is causing themselves to get even more tired and stressed, while deflating productivity.

The best news is your brain breaks don’t have to take a lot of time. Taking just a few moments a few times each day for yourself will be enough time to recharge and refocus.

Consider these ideas:

Believe it or not, your brain welcomes a daily break to reboot and recharge. Here are some ideas you can use to give your brain the rest it needs.

  1. You can overload your brain.

Have you ever been so stressed out that suddenly you had a headache? This is your brain telling you that it’s overloaded and needs to take a rest.

When this happens, pay attention. It is a serious cue to slow down and rest. Take a walk, take a nap, or just remove yourself from the stressful conversation or thoughts for a least a few minutes.

  1. Positively program your mind

One reason many people are stressed is they are negatively programing their mind. If you’re giving in to the daily constant gossip and chatter, or the latest political news, your brain is going to be programmed to crave that kind of stimulation.

Instead of filling your mind full of those kinds of ideas, try to put some good stuff into your brain as well. Read positive articles, have meaningful conversations, and put a good book in your bag to read and learn from at lunch.

This type of brain break will not only relax you, but positively stimulate you.

  1. When your brain is tired, so are you.

When you allow your brain to get weighed down, the rest of your body will feel the same way too. Once this happens, it’s really hard to climb back up that emotional ladder.

Mental exhaustion is a real thing. Once it begins, it can start to become a habit if you don’t turn it around quickly.

When this happens, not only does your brain suffer, but so does your body and immune system. This is why brain breaks are so important to your mental and physical health.

  1. Everybody needs a break.

If you ask any successful person. they’ll tell you that taking a brain break is a key to success. Not only is it good for your health, walking away from whatever you’re working on to recharge and reboot means that you’ll come back with a fresh mind and a new perspective.

This is huge when you’re working on a project or something that is relying on data-driven facts. You can only stare at numbers for so long before your body and brain are going to send you signals that it needs a break. Taking time for a brain break at these times can skyrocket your productivity.

  1. Without enough sleep you become useless

If you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to think correctly. Studies have found that, without enough sleep, your brain can stop functioning properly. Even deciding the difference between what is true and not true can become impossible.

Research has shown that most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to feel and think at their best. If you have trouble meeting that minimum, try taking a short nap during the day to give your mind and body some much-needed rest.

Start Using Brain Breaks Regular Today

Understanding that your brain needs to be rested regularly is the first step to brain relief. Knowledge is only power when you apply it. The next step is to setup a schedule of daily brain breaks.

The instant you feel as though your thoughts and emotions are becoming too much is a huge signal that it’s time for you to walk away from whatever you’re doing. This is when you want to slow down and give yourself some peace.

Since it controls all your decisions, thoughts, emotions, and bodily functions, your brain deserves to be treated special. Give your brain the break it deserves!

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