Becoming the Luckiest Person You Know

Does luck have anything to do with how well we do in life? Well, yes and no. A better question to ask is how you can use the opportunities that come up in your life to become the luckiest person you know.

Not long ago, while talking with a client, she suddenly blurted out, “You know, I just don’t think I get the same breaks some people do. I believe  Beth (name changed to protect the innocent) got the promotion because she’s luckier than I am!”

The reason this client had decided to work with me is because she felt stuck in her job. She felt like, no matter what she did, she just couldn’t get the traction she needed to find the right opportunity.

Her purpose was to understand which mental blocks were preventing her from moving forward toward the type of life she wanted to live.

While on the face of it, this might seem like my client was trying to blame Beth for her problem, she wasn’t. In fact, her thoughts weren’t all that original.

The truth is, one of the biggest complaints I hear when I first start working with clients is they feel like there is something outside of them that is controlling their life’s outcomes. Therefore, they just aren’t “lucky”.

Maybe you feel like this too.

If you do, then read on because today we’re going to talk about luck and how it affects us all.

We’ll also talk about how you can become the luckiest person you know.

Are Your Feeling Lucky?

Answer this question. Do you feel like luck is on your side or were you “born unlucky”?

While it might sound silly, there has been research suggests that you can increase the amount of good luck you experience in your life. In these same studies, researchers have found that lucky people have some consistent similarities.

The bad news is they also noticed several similarities between unlucky people.

As anybody who has ever gambled at a casino will tell you, luck is largely random, but some people are luckier than others.


Because there are ways to give yourself more opportunities to be lucky. For example, if you play blackjack, knowing the basics of when to hit and when to stand can make a huge difference in your “luck”. 

This is also true in other areas of life.

For example, a person that spends more time outside is more likely to see a rainbow. A person that is interested in rainbows is more likely to see one, too.

Luck is all about perception, clarity, action, observation, and opportunity. In other word, you really can become luckier.

The following is some of the information I gave my client. Hopefully this information can help you become luckier too.

Simply luck building strategies:

1.  Be clear on what it is you want.

Have you ever noticed that the universe has a way of bringing to you the things you really want?

Maybe a better way of looking at this is that you notice the things that you value. Either way, knowing what you want is an excellent way of increasing the odds of experiencing what is commonly seen as luck.

2.  Take advantage of opportunities.

Have you ever heard, “Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness?”

Research shows that this isn’t just a saying. When an opportunity appears, you need to pursue it. If you don’t DO something, you can be pretty sure that nothing out of the ordinary will happen.

When you take action, you increase your luck exponentially. It’s extremely difficult to increase your luck at finding the career of your dreams while you’re sitting at home watching TV.

3. Give yourself the chance to be lucky.

There’s an old joke where a man complains to his wife that he must be unlucky because he never wins the lottery. After a moment of listening to him gripe, she replies, “Well, maybe you should buy a ticket!”

She’s right!

The type of people that win at bingo are the type of people that play bingo. Do you want to win a raffle?  Buy a raffle ticket.

Want to find a new career,? Look for those opportunities.

Do you want to get a promotion? You have to let people know you want a promotion.

Give yourself the best odds of becoming lucky by TAKING ACTION.

4. Practice gratitude.

This is something I teach to all my students and clients. Every day take a few moments to write down at least 3 things you are grateful for. Gratitude uplifts your mood and perspective. It also makes you more enjoyable to be around. When you put all of this together, practicing gratitude just makes you feel luckier.

5. Follow your gut.

Experts have found that listening to your stomach can give you better results than following what your brain tells you. Your gut feeling, or intuition, is driven by the wisest part of you.

Most people follow the path of least discomfort and will use their mind to rationalize themselves out of tough decisions. Instead, let your gut guide you and see what happens.

6. Maintain a positive attitude.

Good things are more likely to happen if you think good things will happen. When you expect failure, you won’t even try. When you won’t try, nothing good can ever happen.

Remember, a positive attitude attracts luck, and a negative attitude chases your luck away. So, if you want to become the luckiest person you know, stay positive!

7. Think proactively.

Thinking through things in advance and staying ahead of the game seems to help luck, too. I had a client who complained that he “didn’t have any idea” that he would be fired when he went off on his boss after he was reprimanded for something he felt he wasn’t responsible for. His reaction came with dire results.

When you’re only reactive, you’re dealing with situations as they happen, which means you’re already behind.

My client and his boss already had a rough relationship before this incident happened. If my client would have thought through this scenario in advance, there’s an excellent chance he could have kept his cool, or at the very least, bit his tongue to keep from overreacting and getting fired.

A lot of the “bad luck” we experience can be avoided when you adopt proactive thinking. A proactive attitude about the world can also help you to make the most of good opportunities when they appear.

8. Be open minded.

You can’t learn anything new if your mind is closed to new ideas. This is the importance of being open-minded.

The more open minded you are, the more options you have available to you. You might be surprised by just how lucky you can become if you’d only open your mind and your eyes to all the possibilities life brings to you in the form of new ideas.

9. Believe in YOU.

Believing in yourself brings you more opportunities and options. When you don’t believe you can be successful, you’ll fail to make progress in any meaningful way. You will never achieve anything you don’t believe you can accomplish.

To help become the luckiest person you know, start each day by telling yourself “This is going to be a fantastic day!”

Start building your luck today!

I gave these steps to my client and when she returned to see me the next week, I asked her if she had seen any change in her luck. She told me she couldn’t believe how much luckier she had gotten in just a week!

You can take same steps to increase your luck. Knowing what you want increases the odds of finding it or ways of obtaining it.  As you begin looking at life with a positive attitude and a new perspective, you’ll find you can have more of what you want. Keep you mind open to new ideas, and you’ll see more opportunities.

All of this can be viewed as luck.

So go ahead and give yourself the chance to become the luckiest person you know!

Are you ready to create more luck in your life? If so, then Mindful Mastery is the perfect book for you! It’s full of tips, tricks, and exercises that can help you take control of your life and make every opportunity count. Get ready to master your luck with Mindful Mastery!

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