Elite Athletic Mind Hacks You Can Use to Succeed

Today we’re going to talk about athletic mind hacks. 

As we start, let me ask, What makes the difference between the elite athlete and the so-so athlete?”

Some will say talent and this is somewhat true. Some people have more natural talent than others. So why don’t all naturally talented athletes succeed? All coaches will tell you that, more than talent, an athlete’s motivation is what makes them elite.

How do these athletes motivate themselves?

They use the athletic mind hacks in this article.

Athletic Mind Hacks? 

Mind hacks are simply shortcuts anyone can use to drop into the zone. You see, in the zone you are finely focused. This focus allows you to accomplish great things in your life the same way elite athletes do.

You can use the following athletic mind hacks to drop into the zone. These shortcuts can help you to get and stay motivated, just like elite athletes.

The following are five (5) athletic mind hacks you can start using today.  

1.   Use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Simply put, OKRs are effective methods of tracking success. This process of setting goals and objectives were behind Intel’s and Google’s success and is at the core of John Doerr’s book, “Measure what Matters”.  

Elite athletes use OKRs to track progressions in strength, injury prevention, mental capacity, and much more. Utilizing this athletic mind hack is essential for anyone who wants to take his or her game to the next level.

2.   Eat Wholesome Foods

Maybe you’re thinking, “How can this be an athletic mind hack?” The truth is, eating well is at the core of excellent mental health.

To operate at your optimum level you need to feed your body and brain healthy, nutritious foods. Not only will you enjoy better health, but also your brain responds positively.

Some of the benefits you’ll notice are greater alertness, increased energy and better focus. All this will provide you with feelings of general wellbeing.

Here’s some simple ways to take your nutrition to the next level:

  • Eat lots of “live” food. These are foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains.
  • Limit your sugar intake.
  • Avoid processed foods.

3.   Visualize Winning

As any world-class athlete will tell you, your mindset will make or break your performance.

Using this athletic mind hack, elite athletes visualize winning the contest before it even begins.

They go into the game knowing in their mind they’re going to win. This allows them to follow through with the actions needed to make it happen. You can do the same for your goals.

4.   Use a Little “Smack Talk”

Many athletes talk smack as much as they play. This athletic mind hack can give the smack talker confidence.

n fact, many sport psychologists say that athletes that talk smack have more confidence than those that don’t.

While smack talk can improve your game, use it strategically. Use it to improve your confidence, not to piss-off your boss or co-workers.

5.   Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply learning to pay attention. By paying attention, you can stay in the moment.

Pro athletes practice mindfulness so they can stay in the here and now. The better they can stay in the moment, the further they can get into the zone and the zone is where the magic happens.

You can use this athletic mind hack to put yourself in the zone and get more done in less time. This is the true magic of mindfulness.

Start Using These Athletic Mind Hacks Today! 

Consistently using these athletic mind hacks for at least 30 days can rocket your ability to stay focused and in the zone. Let yourself experience the positive differences they can make on your journey to success.

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