Amplify Your Gratitude with Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of staying in the present. Through a mindfulness practice, a person learns to focus on living in the moment instead of wasting time ruminating about the past or dreading the future. Essentially mindfulness is a tool and like any tool, you can use it numerous ways. Today we’ll talk about using it to amplify your gratitude.

How Can Mindfulness Help?

When you focus on the present, instead of the past or the future, you change your perspective. This change of perspective can make a huge difference in the way you think.

When you don’t pay attention to what’s going on inside your mind, you can become a victim of your emotions. You can be on the beach, playing Frisbee tag with friends, and your mind wanders to work. Now you start thinking about that report that’s due next week and you feel stressed and anxious instead of enjoying the situation you’re in.

By the way, this is a negative form of visualization. If you’re interested in knowing more about the basics of visualization, pick up my Book, Subliminal Success.

When you use visualization negatively, you can have everything you could possibly want in life and not be happy. The happiness you have in life comes down to what you choose to focus on.

This is the power of mindfulness. You can use it, and other tools, to focus on what you want in life. You can also use it to search for the things you are satisfied with in life. This is how you can use mindfulness to amplify your gratitude. It’s also how you can use mindfulness to make yourself happier and more at ease with life.

Using Mindfulness to Amplify Your Gratitude

Your purpose here for practicing mindfulness is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude”. This attitude is the state of mind where you focus on the things you’re grateful and happy for. An easy way to cultivate this attitude and amplify your gratitude is to simply to take some time at the end of each day to write down the things you are grateful for and to think about them for a little while.

Schedule a few minutes at the end of every day to write a minimum of three things that you’re thankful for. Then take a few more minutes to reflect on them. Try to make these different things each day.

At times, you will write down obvious things like your health, the people you love and the fact that you have access to healthy food and clean water. An easy way to amplify your gratitude is focusing on the people you love. This is a great way not only to be more mindful of why you feel  grateful for these people, but this simple practice can also improve your relationship with them.

At the same time, think about smaller, less impactful things. Perhaps you’re grateful for the delicious sandwich you bought at the new deli down the street for lunch. Maybe you’re grateful for the fact that there’s a new Netflix series coming out next week.  Add whatever you are sincerely grateful for to your list.

Now use these to amplify your gratitude in your daily life. Whenever something comes to mind about what you don’t have, or isn’t the way you want it, use your list to think about the things you’re grateful for and what you do have.

Do you have a place to live that keeps you safe and warm? Do you have a cell phone that let’s you talk with friends and relatives around the world? Do you have a job that allows you to keep your home and cell phone along with a lot of other things you have in your life?

Thinking about these things will help you attitude of gratitude grow.

Using the Right Language

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programing practitioners understand that the language you use greatly impacts how you think. Your self-talk, what you continually say to yourself, can also have a big impact on your gratitude as well as on how other’s think about you.

If you find yourself complaining or participating in an office pity party, stop. Instead, focus on what’s good in your life and then express it. For example, when a negative thought starts to make you doubt your self-worth, tell yourself “My life keeps bringing me more opportunities. I am excited about my future.”

Whenever you find yourself saying anything negative, use this technique to remind yourself of what you are grateful for.

Start Using These Mindfulness Tips to Amplify Your Gratitude

As you can see, mindfulness is a great way to amplify your gratitude. Take a few minutes each day to mindfully review what you are grateful about. You’ll feel happier and people will think of you as a person they want to be around! A few minutes a day is all it takes!

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